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One of our main goals is to assist those who desire to Make a Positive Difference. To this end, we offer publishing services to help you get your work out to those who will benefit from it. Our services include: Kindle Formatting, Publishing, and Marketing; Editorial, Writing, and YouTube Services; Promotional Services for eBooks; Graphic Design, Book Covers, and Children's Book Illustrations. We work with you to tailor the project to fit your needs, and we can scale our services to meet your budget and objectives.

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    We are experienced Senior-level Writers and Editors who have worked at major publishing and software companies. We've been involved in all facets of Publishing, Kindle Publishing, Project Management, and eMarketing. If you want a publisher who believes in YOU and in Your True Work, you have come to the right place. We'll help you get your works out to the world! Read More...

  • Why Publish an eBook?

    Why eBooks? Because there are so many benefits! Furthermore, by self-publishing through us, YOU stay in control of your work. We predict that within the next 2 years 80 percent of ALL books will be eBooks! Why? The hardware (e-Readers) is becoming much less expensive... Read More ...

  • Rates, Scheduling, Payment

    Our rates are very reasonable and they vary depending on what is needed and depending on your budget. After we review your project, we'll provide you with an estimate. Note: Most of our Kindle Services have a fixed rate, immediately payable via PayPal. Read More...

  • NEW Kindle Services!

    Silver Sun Publishing is partnering with other Service Providers to bring you the Best Services and the Best Deals. Also, we will be adding more services, at very reasonable prices, so be sure to check back. Better yet, join our Free Newsletter so we can keep you up to date on New Services, SPECIALS, and important news in the eBook publishing industry. Read More...

  • Other Services

    We Can Help Make Your Dreams a Reality! Everyone works better when they have someone on their team, encouraging and supporting them.

    We offer many services to fit your needs: Editorial, Writing, YouTube Videos, Graphics, and Book Covers. Read More...

  • First Contact for Projects

    The best way to make first contact is to send us email, providing the following information:

    1) What type of project(s) would you like us to work on?

    2) Tell us how fast of a turn-around you need.

    Most, if not all, correspondence can be done via email. Read more ...

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