First Contact for Projects


The best way to make first contact is to send us email, providing the following information:

  • What type of project(s) would you like us to work on? Provide as much information as you can to give us a general sense of the project(s).  Note: For rush projects, add 30% to the total cost estimate.
  • Tell us how fast of a turn-around you need. Please be realistic, and be sure to take into consideration one or two review passes. If you do not need the project by a specific date, it is best to leave the scheduling to us, and then you can approve the schedule before the project begins.

Although most correspondence is done via email, be sure to include your phone number and the best times of the day to reach you so that we can follow up with you by phone if we need to. Also, include your location or time zone.

Example of a First Contact Email

Hello, Silver Sun.

I purchased the following services on March 10, 2013. Here are the PayPal Transaction Numbers:

  • 4A9619075H202251C
  • 4A9619075H202251D
  • 4A9619075H202251E
  • 4A9619075H202251F

I have a story that is currently an unformatted Word document, and I purchased the Gold Package, along with some other services.

The story is 120 pages long, double spaced, and I’d like you to turn it into an e-book (both PDF and Kindle format). It needs to be proofread and formatted.

In addition to the services I purchased via PayPal, I need assistance with finding 5 photos, and I have 4 other photos that need to be cropped and formatted.

There’s no specific due date, as long as the turn-around is reasonable.

I am located in California. My phone number is 1-555-777-4444, and you can reach me most evenings between 6 and 8 pm PST if we need to discuss via phone.

Thank you!

Jane Doe

Email Address: ______________
Phone: (555) 777-4444
Skype Address: ______________

After we receive your First Contact email, one of our Project Managers will follow up with you within 24 hours (Monday through Friday).

Please send your First Contact email to:  Editors at SilverSunPublishing dot com