Why Publish an eBook?

Silver Sun Publishing

Why eBooks? Because there are so many benefits! Furthermore, by self-publishing through us, YOU stay in control of your work.

We predict that within the next 2 years 80 percent of ALL books will be eBooks! Why? First, it is ecologically essential because it helps in the preservation of trees. Second, the hardware (e-Readers) will become much less expensive, so everyone will be able to own one. e-Readers have already dropped significantly in price just in the past year.

Benefits For You: Silver Sun Publishing

  • Faster to produce
  • Immediate payment
  • No shipping or handling
  • Universal distribution
  • Increased royalties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easier for you to market

Benefits For Your Readers:

  • Immediate delivery
  • Less expensive than print
  • No shipping fees
  • Works with all major electronic readers, such as Kindle and I-Pad

eBook Formats:

The eBook formats we currently offer are Mobi (Kindle), and PDF.

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