“I needed a good editor who would understand the nuances of historical romances, and I discovered Silver Sun Publishing. They did a wonderful job editing my novel, staying in touch every step of the way, and even uploaded my novel to Amazon for me. They have also been marketing my novel on Facebook and other social media. Thank you, Silver Sun!”
Sara O’Vivian, author of  Sarah of Raven Hall.


“Silver Sun Publishing was wonderful to work with. They were able to work with difficult subject matter and followed all instructions. We will definitely work with them in the future, and I can highly recommend them.”
Milton Terrance


“When I wanted an editor for my children’s story, a friend told me about Silver Sun Publishing. They did excellent work, and also found the art I needed for my story. In addition, they did all the formatting and uploaded my book on Amazon.com KDP Select. I will be contacting them to do some marketing for me soon.”
Victoria Faith, author of  The Adventures of the Enchanted Rabbit.


“Vivian at Silver Sun Publishing did an excellent job editing my children’s story. I will hire them for my next story, too!”
Alisa Romah, author of  Jungle And Friends: The Colorful Picnic.


“Silver Sun Publishing has some very strong editors, and they will be rehired to help out with another project.”
James E. Darcy


“I contacted Silver Sun Publishing to do some marketing and promotion for my book on Amazon. They promoted it on free promotion book sites and other sites, and kept me informed with screen shots as proof of what had been done. I am immensely impressed and grateful and would whole-heartedly recommend Silver Sun Publishing to anyone needing the kinds of services I did.”
Shivesh Thakur, author of  Visible Gods: The Brahmins of India.