What Types of Content Do We Work With?

We work with fiction, nonfiction, text, and picture books. We love working with books that bring a positive message, healing, and inspiration to the world. We also enjoy thought-provoking books that help people think outside the box.

Because we believe in contributing in a positive way to our world, we have certain standards. Therefore, if, after reviewing your content, we believe it would be against our ethics to work on your project, then we reserve the right to cancel the project and refund all of your money. This would be a rare instance, and would only involve content that contains what we consider excessive violence, porn, black magic or some other material that may be harmful to humanity or our world.

The writings of most authors will be accepted. For example, steamy romances where the characters are in love can be good entertainment for many readers. Also, magic where the good side wins is usually a great read. Thought-provoking works that contain some non-explicit violence is also very acceptable, as long as the over-all message is constructive. So if your works contain these elements, they will most likely be accepted and enjoyed–both by our staff, and by your readers!